Friday, 6 July 2012

Things to do in Spain, Costa Blanca

Having been married for enough years to know the importance of a “big anniversary” looming I decided a short break on the Costa Brava was needed. What we spent the time doing when we arrived was extremely important, raising the question of things to do in Costa Blanca.
Fortunately there is no shortage of things to do in Costa Blanca meaning the only difficulty was deciding what not to do. The first full day was easy a day trip to Villa Joyosa where they make fabulous chocolate. This should melt the heart of any female (sorry but it’s the nearest to comedy I get) relaxing at a tapas bar should round the day of nicely. The second day was a little more problematic because I wanted to finish the day with a meal in a beautiful restaurant. Thankfully among the many things to do in Costa Blanca Torrevieja is a major attraction and holds a host of fine restaurants with seating that have magnificent sea views. Just north of Torrevieja is Santa Pola with its very interesting salt flats and fishing museum, this will fill most of the day. More importantly the evening meal was booked early enough to allow an evening stroll along the breakwater of Levante. There were still many things to do in Costa Blanca; however I made the decision to leave the third and final full day open. It was possible that by then we would be worn out enough to want a day on the beach relaxing before returning home the following day. Following a discussion over breakfast we spent the morning bargain hunting through the hundreds of stalls in the Torrevieja market. We then decided that we were not too old to be embarrassed having fun.
Thanks to the wealth and variety of things to do in Costa Blanca we not only had a fabulous time but, I earned enough brownie points to ensure that the next time the lads at work suggest a late night out it shouldn’t be a problem.